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About Us

2001 AAA Mount Everest Team We are proud to be a Territory owned and operated company that has a good relationship with remote Australia; after all we live in it. Our goal is to have a similar relationship with all of our customers.

KKA started two of years after we travelled though Nepal and bought two Jungle Khukuri knives home. These knives were tested for two years in a number of settings including numerous three week survival courses, two seasons of tour guiding across the top end and lots of remote travel and four wheel driving, these knives look a bit older, neither have broken and both are still in good shape.

Impressed with the abilities of these knives, in January 2003 we started importing a range Khukuri knives into Australia and with help from our Nepalese manufacturer modified two knives to suit the Australian environment (Tanami and Arnhem) while maintaining the traditional look of the Gurkha knife.

Recently we developed a relation ship with the manufacturer of the Swiss made "Skylight" and are now the Australian distributor of this light. Our company continues to grow and continues to supply quality product to our customers.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and welcome your comments and questions. If you are a manufacturer and need your equipment tested here in the Territory let us know or your conference is looking for a guest speaker, we can provide one on the subject of climbing Mount Everest from a Base Camp Managers point of view. Just drop us an e-mail

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