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Wraps around body and traps radiant heat, reduces convective and evaporative heat loss Wind and water-resistant Stores in compact space (such as RapidDitch™ Bag) Application: Use for mariners, b......
Price  $10.95 More Information
Saber Cut Saw
A hand operated chain-saw that weighs less than 200 grams, needs no fuel and slices through hard wood like butter! Ultimate Survival has developed a lightweight, strong, versatile and low profile h......
Price  $63.95 More Information
Small Carabiner (non climbing)
This small carabine is ideal for use with car keys or holding small items to your back pack. Various colours available. Not for climbing. Size 60 x 30 mm ......
Price  $3.65 More Information
Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit
The Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit is a collection of some of the world's finest outdoor tools. Whatever you do outside, these premier recreational, safety and survival tools can simplify your life......
Price  $143.95 More Information
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