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Skylight Basic

Skylight Basic

Skylight Basic uses a hold on push button to operate the light. The light will only work if the switch is pressed and held, this prevents the light from staying on when not required.

Technical Data:-

LED Lamp, 10 Candela light output
Beam angle 30 degrees
LED life more than 100,000 hours
Battery capable of over 100,000 charge/discharge cycles
Fully charged in 1 day of sunlight
Lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge
Charges up from any light source
Overcharge protection circuit built in
LED flickers when recharging is needed
Waterproof to 1 metre, rubber case
Comes with handy lanyard
Weights only 20 grams
Dimensions 51 mm x 28 mm x 10 mm
Swiss quality product
5 year guarantee

Skylight BASIC with On-Hold push button

Available with different lanyard, light switch colours, including: - Red, Yellow and Blue

Typical applications of Skylight include:-

• Place on the key ring of your car, four wheel drive, boat, truck or earth moving equipment for that one time when you can’t find the ignition or door lock at night
• Place on the zip of your outdoor jacket, wet weather gear, ski or mountaineering clothing
• Attach to your back pack as a spare light
• Wear around your neck when your out bush camping
• Use it for signalling at night
• Include in your car, hiking or personal survival and first aid kits
• Skylight also makes a excellent gift for birthdays and other occasions

Compare the price of a skylight with lights requiring batteries and you will notice the difference.

Skylight dealer enquires welcome

Price  $39.95

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