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Legal and Safety

Under the Weapon Laws and Weapon Regulations of most Australian States and Territories "Khukuri Knives" are considered a Controlled Weapon. It is therefore the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with the Laws and Regulations of that particular State or Territory.

Links to relevant State & Territory information

Northern Territory Police

Victoria Police

New South Wales Police

Queensland Police

South Australian Police

Tasmanian Police

Western Australian Police

Australian Federal Police

Khukuri Knives Australia accepts not responsibility for injuries and or actions of others that curse injury to themselves or others through the purchase and or use of any product sold by us, and recommends that Khukuri Knives be kept in a safe secure place at all times, out of reach of children and in a way that will not cause injury to others. These knives are not toys and demand the upmost respect and attention to safety when they are used.

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